An Introduction

Being huge craft beer fans for many years we wanted to introduce a way where folks can experience some of the most unique craft beers in the country and either have a pint with us or grab your beer in a growler to take home. Growlers give the advantage that light and temperature (to a point) will not alter the beer from its intended freshness and test. (I am not a scientist).

Swing by and try a sample of an interesting beer, try a beer “flight,” a pint, or grab your growler to go. We will have 24-30 beers on tap, and all will rotate based on season and input from you! It’s about the beer and the community!

Bring your kids and come hang out. Non-alcoholic craft soda is available at both locations, and you can even enjoy ice cream floats on the patio at our Nashville location! Snacks and appetizers are available for purchase in our shops, but you are welcome to bring your own food.

What’s a Growler?

Growlers are glass containers that allow you to transport craft beer home, and once opened, delivers a taste like its right out of the tap! Our growlers come in 32 oz and 64 oz sizes, and the bottles are made with a UV protected glass. Growlers are environmentally friendly. Upon your next visit, trade your growler in for a clean, sanitized new growler and enjoy your next beer!

  • If you keep your unopened growler in a cold, dark place, it will remain fresh for 2-3 weeks. Once opened, it will stay fresh for up to 3 days.
  • We will accept other stores growlers, and will exchange it with ours at no cost. If it is not clean and smells funny, we will make fun of you and give it back. Just sayin’.

Tasting Room (Murfreesboro)

The tasting room can be used for private gatherings, and if no one is occupying it, it’s open to the public. The tasting room will have a TV and full audio/video capabilities for any sort of presentation. Bring some friends, your office buddies, or just grab a craft brew and hang out.

Contact us at 615-624-6305 ahead of time if you are looking to reserve the tasting room for a special event!